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Ludwig Musser LKP523KG 23" Timpani

Ludwig Musser LKP523KG 23" Timpani


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LUDWIG LKP523KG Pro Hammered 23' Bagetli Timpani

Ludwig Professional Series Timpani Exceptional resonance, projection, and tone duration throughout all dynamic levels best describe these handcrafted timpani. From leading university and symphony orchestras to talented and accomplished timpanists, Ludwig's Professional Symphonic Series have provided players with the kind of performance their reputations rely on.

Whether copper or fiberglass is preferred, the Ludwig tradition of Old World integrity and superior quality regulates every step of the process. The finest materials are chosen, then meticulously formed to deliver a clear, pure tone. The deep parabolic kettles are calibrated precisely to the pitch-centered tone needed to fill a hall.

While kettles hang freely within an exclusive, sturdy double-ring suspension system, Ludwigs proprietary profile mylar heads provide superior resonance in concert halls of all sizes. With an adjustable Balanced Action? pedal system at its base, operation is smooth and consistent.

Whether its performing more contemporary works or a traditional repertoire, the Professional Symphonic Series offers a sixth in range for maximum playability. This includes the ease of fine tuning the balance of your timpani simply by turning the tension knob conveniently located just beneath the kettle for quick, minor adjustments that won't interrupt your performance.

LKP520KG : 20' Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge LKP523KG : 23' Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge LKP526KG : 26' Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge LKP529KG : 29' Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge LKP532KG : 32' Hammered Copper Bowl w/ Pro Tuning Gauge

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