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"Kıvılcım Music Store" was founded in 1981 at Ankara with the name "Kıvılcım Music".

The Turkish and Western instruments are sold which was build by the company's founder Sayim ALTUNBEY. He was specialized on percussion instruments such as drums, bongos, tambourines in the production of the percussion also entered the production of classical guitar. Only 20 guitars were made and later the production of guitars was abandoned due to the lack of technical facilities of the 80’s. While the production of percussion reeds continued, binding construction was added to the production. In the same years, copper wire was made to the instrument wires within the workshop.

Since 1982, the publication of the book, "Kıvılcım Yayıncılık" has been continued. In 1984, the first bass guitar amplifiers were produced with the brand "Kıvılcım" and at the same time the production of audio cabins and amplifiers was made. Still 1985-1988 years between the first steel is wound onto the wire copper or electronic media in the production of wire that make no sound bothering arising from the finger friction from the instruments played in Turkey (flat wound) and were sold again by a spark.

Whilst production continued, wholesale started in the first years. In 1992, according to the needs in the developing Turkey also imports representations also starting to be addressed. Kıvılcım produced continuous sound systems until 2005, while importing major brands from abroad and projecting and undertaking major projects.

In 1995, 8 classrooms and classrooms were opened in Ankara as “Kıvılcım Eğitim” 1995 and then continued to grow at a more central location.

In 1998, the shops of Western and Turkish music instruments were separated in Ankara and started to work independently. In 1999, T.S.E. has been established technical service. In 2000, ISO 2000 certificate was obtained for all sales places. first music-instrument again in Turkey in 2004. "Volume Music Magazine" has been published by sparks but as a fully independent life.

In 1998, Drum Shop store was opened as a separate shop in Istanbul Tünel in accordance with the needs. In 2005, Istanbul Şişhane with the name of Kıvılcım Piano, and in 2006 with the name of Digi-Audio (studio equipment, sound cards and programs) was opened as a separate shops in Istanbul Tünel. Nowadays, all products are gathered under one roof in order to provide better quality and related services.

Kıvılcım Müzik - Tarihçe
Kıvıcım Music bank accounts:
Yapı Kredi Bankası

Ankara Meşrutiyet Bulvar Şubesi (TL)
IBAN: TR70 0006 7010 0000 0061 2525 92

Ankara Meşrutiyet Bulvar Şubesi (USD)
IBAN: TR35 0006 7010 0000 0061 3117 13

Ankara Meşrutiyet Bulvar Şubesi (EUR)
IBAN: TR08 0006 7010 0000 0061 3117 14

İş Bankası

Ankara Yenişehir Şubesi (TL)
IBAN: TR02 0006 4000 0014 2183 2346 98

Ankara Yenişehir Şubesi (USD)
IBAN: TR81 0006 4000 0024 2186 7514 61

Ankara Yenişehir Şubesi (EUR)
IBAN: TR64 0006 4000 0024 2186 7514 76

İstanbul Beyoğlu Şubesi (TL)
IBAN: TR19 0006 4000 0011 0111 5589 79

Garanti Bankası

Ankara Kızılay Şubesi (TL)
IBAN: TR03 0006 2000 0820 0006 2987 58

Ankara Kızılay Şubesi (USD)
IBAN: TR71 0006 2000 0820 0009 0880 30

Ankara Kızılay Şubesi (EUR)
IBAN: TR14 0006 2000 0820 0009 0907 05


Ankara Mithatpaşa Şubesi (TL)
IBAN: TR690004600354888000011074


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